June 17th 2022
Shuj Roswell Live - Hummingbird Stage

Deep Space Disco >
Interstellar Jam >
Deep Space Disco
Everybody Loves The Sun >
It Never Rains In LA >
Murdered Out >
Ric Flair All Night
Goodbye, Baby
Run On For A Long Time
Let’s Get Free
Summer Breeze
Jus Because
Super Best

*Pretty Lights

Guitar: Mark Cooley
Drums: Eric Imbrociano
Saxophone: Mike Chiesa
Trumpet: Jim Chiesa

May 6th 2022
Shuj Roswell Live - Knew Conscious

Brighter Day* Flip>
Let’s Get Free >
Ain’t Nuthin’ Stronger Flip
Till It’s Summer In the City Flip>
Fly Like An Eagle Flip^ >
Murdered Out >
Big Booty Bomb >
Ric Flair All Night
Jus Because
Blast Off
Goodbye, Baby
So Wonderful
Rocket Man

^Pretty Lights

May, 2022
GoodBye, Baby
August 27th, 2021
Shuj Roswell - Jus Because
This one’s about appreciation. It’s for everyone that’s ever supported Shuj Roswell. If you’ve streamed or shared a song, left a comment, bought a ticket, or said hi at the show, then this one’s for you. It’s my way of saying thank you. Your love and support mean everything. When we all squad up then the crew get down!
May 29th 2021
Shuj Roswell Live - Moe's BBQ

Summer Breeze
Flying High Above The World >
Murph Break>
You Had To Have It All
It Never Rains In LA
Let’s Get Free
Big Booty Bomb
Burn It Down>
+Burning Down The House >
Burn It Down
Burn It Down Reprise/The Roof Is On Fire
So Wonderful
^Easy Like Sunday Morning
Burn It Down Reprise

*Daily Bread Flip
+Talking Heads

March 11th 2021
Shuj Roswell Live - Larimer Lounge

Here’s a couple songs from our recent sold out shows at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, Co

February 19th 2021

Here’s my latest offering to the Shuj Roswell catalog. A departure from the Electro Hip-Hop Soul stylings that many have grown accustomed to. For this release, I really wanted to set a minimal LoFi Hip-Hop vibe while recording and producing the musicians from my live band: Eric Imbrosciano on drums, Sarah Mount on Saxophone, and the brothers, Mark and Matt Wilkolak on Trombone and Trumpet respectively. I also reached out to the good homie, Brisco Jones, who can be heard on the cuts. This EP is sample free and contains all original music.

Session Recording Engineer – Sam Goodman, Chris Wright
Mix and Mastering – Mark Cooley and Chris Wright, Violet Studios
Album art by Karlyle Walker
Shuj roswell Live band
July 19 2020 Super Best Records
Shuj Roswell Live with special guest Michal Menert

Here’s the audio of our Live Stream from 6-19-20. You can re watch the stream in it’s entirety

January 8th 2021 Super Best Records
Easy (Shuj Roswell Remix)

I’ve had this remix in my back pocket for a while and felt it was finally time to let it out. I’ve always resonated with this song for several reasons. To me, the song represents the precious commodity of freedom. The freedom to be who you want to be, the freedom to do what you want to do, and the freedom to love who you want to love.
As with all my remixes, I tried to keep this song’s arrangement true to the original while adding that electro soul vibe.

Artwork : Karlyle Walker

April 26 2020 Super Best Records
Shuj Roswell Live Sunday Brunch

Sunday, April 26th, me and the homies, Jeff Barlow, Benjamin Clark, Trent Campbell, and Louie Letdown did a live stream of some of that Colorado style electro, hip hop, pancakes, and syrup. Here’s the audio. You can find the video on my FB page: www.facebook.com/ShujRoswell
Set List:
00:00 Easy Like Sunday Morning (Shuj Roswell Debut)
03:53 Everybody Love The Sun (feat. Mikey Thunder & Adam Revell)
08:15 Sun Go Down (feat. J.Shook)
13:13 Summer Breeze
18:26 Ain’t Nuthin’ Stronger
23:15 Snowblind (feat. Michal Menert & Nicholas Gerlach)
27:21 It Never Rains In LA (Shuj Roswell Debut)
30:38 At Sea Level (feat. Kim Dawson)
36:24 Murdered Out
41:32 Ric Flair All Night
45:11 Rocket Man

Rocket Man
Super Best Records
Rocket Man (Shuj Roswell Remix)

My mom used to play Elton John’s music all the time. I grew up on it. His songs played a large part of my musical childhood. In fact, I’m told that the first song I ever sang was, “B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets.” Having not listened to much of Elton’s music in recent years, I found myself truly inspired having gone to see the movie, Rocketman. The music brought back intense feelings from both my childhood and where I find myself in the present moment. I immediately went into the studio and started work on this remix.

Read more:

As a musician, I’ve always related deeply to the original song which was inspired by the 1951 science fiction short, The Rocket Man, by Ray Bradbury. The story depicts the complex relationship between technology and psychology, and in particular, an astronaut’s love of the stars. A man ventures into space for three months at a time and returns to earth for only a few short days to see his wife and son, deeply torn between his love of space and his family. The song imagines what his long adventures, while filled with loneliness, would be like. I’ve always viewed this as a metaphor for the life of an artist.

This remix makes a great precursor to the release of my next full-length album, Setting Fire To The Stars. (Coming this fall). It’s a sci-fi themed record that vibes on the darker side of our feelings. Thoughts of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and social isolation are recurring ideas in both the lyrics and music found on this album. Subjects that many of us are all too familiar with.

So here’s my remix of Rocket Man for you. I hope you catch a new vibe off my interpretation of the original classic.

Shout out to my good homies, Moon Suk Lee, for the original artwork and Brett Shredmunds for the title work.

Mixed and Mastered by Mark A. Cooley and Chris Wright at Violet Recording

Released by:
Super Best Records

October 9 2019 Super Best Records
Setting Fire To The Stars

Shuj Roswell’s third full length album, Setting Fire To The Stars, has arrived! This project comes in the wake of Mark A. Cooley’s previous two electro soul albums, Flying High Above The World and Everybody Loves The Sunshine [Super Best Records]. The new LP consists of a whole new set of sounds and features guest vocals from Michal Menert, Jordan Polovina, and J. Shook (Jarrett Allen). The talented Nicholas Gerlach sits in on Saxophone as well.

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Mixed and mastered at Violet Recording (Boulder, CO), the team used vintage analog gear and mastered the tracks to tape. The end result is a Sci-Fi themed record with a classic sound that vibes on the dark side of our feelings.

Thoughts of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and social isolation are recurring ideas in both the lyrics and music found on this album. Those feelings are balanced with plenty of positive reinforcement as Cooley likes to remind us, “there is no dark without the light.”

Each track will feature a small editorial piece explaining the influences and ideas that surrounded the songs inception and production following the initial release of the album.

A majority of the tracks debuted at Shuj Roswell’s most recent sold out performance where they played direct support for Break Science in August of this year. Mark’s live band includes: Eric Imbrosciano (drums), Sarah Mount (sax), Matt Wilkolak (trumpet) and J. Shook (emcee/vocals).

Setting Fire To The Stars is met with much anticipation, as the band is set to kick off a series of live performances for the fall/winter season. Catch them next in Ft. Collins, CO supporting, Evanoff, on 10/22.

June 19 2016 Super Best Records
Everybody Loves The Sun

All songs written, produced, recorded, arranged, engineered, and mixed by Mark A. Cooley at Area 51 studios.

Additional instruments and vocals recorded and engineered at Side3 Studios by Andy Flebbe and The Roswell Space Lab by Mark A. Cooley

Mastered at Side3 Studios by Andy Flebbe and Mark A. Cooley

Performance Credits:

Jarrett “J-Shook” Allen: Vocals
Dwayne “Jubee” Webb: Vocals
Will Glazier: Trumpet
Daniel de Lisle: Trombone and Flute
Mikey Thunder: Turntables
Adam Revell: Access Virus TI Polar
Sam Goodman: Violen
Jordan Polovaiga: Cello and Talk Box
Mark A. Cooley: Guitar, Moog Voyager, Roland Juno-106

Co-Production credit: UNFOLD_MUSIC and Michal Menert

Group vocals Big Booty Bomb:
J-Shook, Jubee, Stephanie Ayers, Amy Law, Chloe Casey, Jesska Cvijanovic, Regina Kramer, and Mark A. Cooley

Album Art: Moon Suk Lee

October 15 2015 Super Best Records
Flying High Above The World

All songs written, produced, recorded, arranged, engineered, and mixed by Mark A. Cooley at Area 51 studios.

Something Freaky, At Sea Level, and Deep Space Disco co-written by Tynan Olsen, Brian Cornell, Rameau Valez, and Adam Revell

At Sea Level lyrics: Jessica Jones and Mark A. Cooley

Additional instruments and vocals recorded and engineered at Side3 Studios by Andy Flebbe

Mastered at Side3 Studios by Andy Flebbe and Mark A. Cooley

Performance Credits:

Mark A. Cooley: Guitar, Moog Voyager, Roland Juno-106
Mary Robertson: Vocals on Flying High Above The World
David Murphy: Bass Guitar on Flying High Above The World
Jessica Jones: Vocals on Something Freaky
Adam Revell: Baby Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes, and Access Virus TI on At Sea Level, The Teachers Lounge, and Deep Space Disco
Kim Dawson: Vocals on At Sea Level
Tynan Olsen: Drums on At Sea Level and Until The Dawn Breaks
Group vocals on Burn It Down and The Teachers Lounge:
Joe Fordyce, Ethan Crawford, Amy Law, Aimee Lacouture, Nate Williams, Kara Holtgreive, Anthony Guntren, Gabe Fearon, Amy Brown, Jim Perdue, Brian Lindgren and Mark A. Cooley

Album Art: Iwan Joko

I’d like to acknowledge the following people for their help, support, and influence in my life. Without you, this would not have been possible, Bill and Sandy Cooley, William Morgan, Meagan and Logan Kyle, Nate Williams, Aimee Lacouture, Amy Law, Joe Fordyce, Tynan Olsen, Adam Revell, Jim Perdue, Brian Lindgren, Ginger Perry, and Phil Buck

The Shuj Roswell Sample Crate

This playlist contains all the original music I’ve used to sample from. Whether it was an 8 bar phrase, vocal hook, a snare hit, kick drum, or crazy sound effect, you can find it here. (plays best when shuffled)