Shuj Roswell is the latest musical creation of Denver’s own, Mark A. Cooley. Releasing his debut album on Michal Menert’s Super Best Records label in 2015, Cooley carefully curates vinyl samples of funk and soul as a foundation for his production. Fusing traditional sample based hip-hop techniques with warm analog synthesis and hard hitting beats, he sets the table for a sound within the Electro Soul movement he calls, Funktronadelic

When playing out, Shuj Roswell Live takes the musical experience to the next level bringing live instrumentation into the mix. Cooley layers rhythm, lead and ambient guitar parts throughout the set. He is always accompanied on stage by drummer and good friend, Eric Imbrosciano. Eric comes from a hip-hop, funk and jazz background originating from his early years gigging in and around the New York music scene. He injects a soulful vibe into the Shuj Roswell sound with laid back J Dilla inspired hip-hop flam, James Brown pocket grooves and classic drum & bass breaks. Imbrosciano also performs in the jazz-fusion quartet, Space Orphan. You may have run into him as he hosts several open funk jams around the Denver area

In addition to his drummer, Shuj Roswell Live consists of emcee, J. Shook, whose recorded vocals on several Shuj Roswell tracks and a rotating who’s who on saxophone, trumpet and trombone. His current line up includes Mike Chiesa of Analog Son and SuperMagick on saxaphone and Matt Wilkolak of Space Orphan on Trumpet. The live band, including Sarah Mount and Mark Wilkolak, appear on the studio EP, Shuttlecock

Shuj Roswell Live has performed alongside and or recorded with the following notable artists: Daily Bread, Michal Menert, Maddy O’Neil, Marvel Years, Late Night Radio, Break Science, Exmag, Blockhead, Adam Deitch, Borahm Lee, Chris Karns, Funkstatik, Birocratic, Alvin Ford Jr, Russ Liquid Test, The Werks, Paul Basic, Tnertle, Kevin Donohue (Sunsquabi), Mux Mool, Mark Farina, David Murphy (STS9), Lucid Vision, Nosaj Thing, and Analog Son among others